X10 Home

X10 produces a series of smart home devices that covers switches, controllers, appliance modules, computer interfaces, and more. Connect these to ARTIK Cloud to enhance the abilities of your smart home or building with Rules that make the X10 devices work with other devices and services in the ecosystem.

This node.js program (running for instance on a Raspberry Pi) acts as an SSH interface between an X10 CM11a module connected on a serial port and ARTIK Cloud.

ARTIK Cloud setup
In MY ARTIK Cloud, create a new object of type “X10Fireplace”

Proxy setup
– Install node.js (http://nodejs.org/). Or install with your favorite package manager (apt, yum, port, brew, etc)
– Install Heyu on the machine where the X10 CM11a is connected through the serial port (target machine)
– cd to the folder where this program was unzipped
– To install required dependency run: npm install
– Edit the “config.json” file with your personal information:
— The Device_ID and Device_Token found in the User Portal for the X10 object
— The IP_Address of the target machine
— The Login/Password for the target machine
— The X10 codes for the target device (Here A2)
– Run “node alarm.js config.json”

Download proxy