This node.js program (running for instance on a Raspberry Pi) acts as an interface between the ARTIK Cloud and a Kevo lock with Kevo+. It is using the Python program that you can find here.

2. ARTIK Cloud setup
In the ARTIK Cloud User Portal, create a new object of type “Kevo Lock”.

3. Proxy setup
– Install node.js ( Or install with your favorite package manager (apt, yum, port, brew, etc)
– cd to the folder where this program was unzipped
– To install required dependency run: npm install
– Edit the “config.json” file with your personal information:
— Enter the Device_ID and Device_Token found in the User Portal for the Kevo Lock object
— Enter your personal Kevo_Login and Kevo_Password to the Kevo website
– Run “node kevo.js config.json”

Download proxy