Text to Speech (Windows)

This node.js program acts as an interface between the Jampal Text To Speech for Windows and ARTIK Cloud.

2. ARTIK Cloud setup
In MY ARTIK Cloud, create a new object of type “TTSPlayer”

3. Proxy setup
– Install node.js (http://nodejs.org/). Or install with your favorite package manager (apt, yum, port, brew, etc)
– Install Jampal for Windows (http://jampal.sourceforge.net/ptts.html)
– cd to the folder where this program was unzipped
– To install required dependency run: npm install
– Edit the “config.json” file with your personal information:
— The Device_ID and Device_Token found in the User Portal for the TTSPlayer object
– run with: node ttsplayer.js config.json or use the included start.bat

Download proxy