Foobot helps you monitor the air quality of your home. Use ARTIK Cloud’s Data Visualization to see how your air quality metrics (CO2, VOC, PM) change over time. Create Rules to automatically react when your air becomes polluted.

If you already own a Foobot, simply visit the Devices section of My ARTIK Cloud, click on “+ Add Another Device” and select “Foobot Account”, give it a name such as “All my Foobots” and click “Connect device”.

Now click the “AUTHORIZE” button next to the device you just created. After authenticating on the Foobot website, separate ARTIK Cloud devices are created for each Foobot device.

Foobot data is automatically polled every hour. You can monitor CO2, VOC, PM, temperature and humidity. Send Actions to get data for a specific time range.

Note: If you rename or add/remove any devices in your Foobot setup, you need to trigger the ‘synchronizeDevices’ Action on the device corresponding to your Foobot Account.