Enhance the safety and livability of your smart home with Netatmo’s cameras, thermostat, and even a weather station. ARTIK Cloud allows you to connect these devices with any other smart device, making your home even smarter.

If you already own a Netatmo weather station, simply visit the Devices section of MY ARTIK Cloud, click on + Connect another device and select “Netatmo Weather Station”, give it a name such as “Home weather station” and click “Connect device”.

Now click the “AUTHORIZE” button next to the device you just created, this will take you to the Netatmo Web site, authenticate and accept to give access to your data.

All new data from this moment on will be synchronized with ARTIK Cloud.

Setup Rules to change the temperature on your thermostat based on the outside temperature, or send a message when a face is detected by the Welcome camera.