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By Ryan Kuo January 24, 2017
Foobot helps you monitor the air quality of your home. Use ARTIK Cloud’s Data Visualization to see how your air quality metrics (CO2, VOC, PM) change over time. Create Rules to automatically react when your air becomes polluted. If you already own a Foobot, simply visit the Devices section of My ARTIK Cloud, click on “+ Add ...

LaMetric Time (Android/iOS)

By Fred Patton July 7, 2016
Display messages from all your ARTIK Cloud devices and services on your LaMetric Time! Just download the ARTIK Cloud App from

Amazon Echo (Android / iOS)

By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
If you have an Amazon Echo or use Alexa for voice recognition you will love our integration. Install the ARTIK Cloud Skill and control any device connected to ARTIK Cloud. Go to the Alexa Website at Then say to Alexa, “Connect ARTIK Cloud”. Wait for Alexa to say “Welcome to Samsung ARTIK Cloud, I ...

IFTTT (Android / iOS / Web)

By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
Build meaningful connections and interactions between your favorite web services, apps, and devices. Compatibility with the ARTIK Cloud ecosystem and Rules dramatically extends the range of IFTTT’s already wide-ranging capabilities. Add ARTIK Cloud as a channel. You can use it as a trigger, for example select a device that has on/off status and use “is ...

Samsung Gear S2 (Android)

By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
The Samsung Gear S2 is a powerful and robust smartwatch with added functionality from a number of partners. ARTIK Cloud connectivity means Gear S2’s activity and health tracking, and apps from Nike+ Running to Evernote, can interact meaningfully with data from other devices and services. Perform the following operations on your Android phone. In the ...

Pebble (Android/iOS)

By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
The Pebble line of smartwatches combines functionality with design. Connect a Pebble to ARTIK Cloud to fit a universe of data, from health tracking to home appliances, onto your wrist. Download the ARTIK Cloud app from the Pebble app store, control every connected device toggling on and off status.

SmartThings (Android/iOS)

By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
The SmartThings network includes possibly the most versatile and extensive network of appliances and devices for smart homes. Once entering the ARTIK Cloud ecosystem, data from SmartThings joins data from a vast array of connected apps, devices and services for new possibilities with analytics and Rules. Follow our tutorial on how to connect SmartThings to ...


By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
Fitbit offers wearable health trackers and a smart scale. On ARTIK Cloud, Fitbit data such as calories, step count, and time in bed benefit from powerful analytics and the ability to interact with data from any other connected device or service. If you already own any Fitbit device, simply visit the Devices section of MY ...


By ARTIK Admin April 16, 2016
Food, entertainment, and business discovery is fast and simple with Foursquare. ARTIK Cloud brings Foursquare new functionality, such as triggering location-aware Rules when users pass top-rated destinations. Visit the Devices section of MY ARTIK Cloud, click on + Connect another device and select “Foursquare”, give it a name such as “Foursquare” and click “Connect device”. ...


By ARTIK Admin April 15, 2016
Connected devices for your health, including blood pressure monitors, scales, glucometers and other fitness devices. Integrate data such as blood pressure readings, HR, steps, sleep and more with the ARTIK Cloud ecosystem. If you already own an iHealth device, simply visit the Devices section of MY ARTIK Cloud, click on + Connect another device and ...
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