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Home 2.0: The Impact of Home Assistants on the Connected Smart Home Landscape

Official Samsung ARTIK Event

In this webinar, the ARTIK Cloud team welcomes our guest speaker:

Mesut Eraslan, Senior Director of Design and Engineering at Flex

Home assistants (HAs) can change this and help catapult penetration of connected smart devices into millions of homes by providing a brain and body to represent home as we know it, enabling humans to experience an easier and more pleasant interaction with their home. Furthermore, HAs will deliver a new platform for 3rd party application development, and will be in position to become the next generation of revolutionary platforms after smart phones and smart watches.

However, the human machine interaction (HMI) of HAs is critical to the success or failure of the platform. This presentation will provide an overview of the smart integration of speech and machine vision along with smart segmentation of embedded and cloud services, in addition to usability cases that will provide the greatest benefit to consumers.