Samsung ARTIK Developer Workshop at DevelopEX2016

This exclusive, hands-on workshop will cover IoT from module to cloud with ARTIK as the centerpiece, using tools including ARTIK Cloud, Node-RED and Arduino.

We will start with IoT basics, board bring-up, and GPIO, then build our own smart parking system (yes!). We will also let the parking spaces in our system communicate with each other by using M2M. In addition, we will introduce ARTIK Cloud integration and use ARTIK Cloud Rules Engine to trigger cross-device actions.

We only have room for a limited number of developers to join us that day, so apply now. If you are selected to attend, we promise that it will be an incredible experience.


When and Where

Tuesday, September 20th 2016 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM

Avenue Convention Center, Airport City, Israel

Meet us face-to-face at DevelopEX2016


  • Dan Gross

  • Director, Technical Support

  • Wei Xiao

  • Technical Evangelist, Sr. Staff Engineer

  • Andrew Wu

  • Staff Web Developer