Start using ARTIK Cloud for FREE with the Hobbyist plan. Then upgrade to simple pay as you go pricing.
Maximum number of messages
per device per day
~1 msg every 10 min
~1 msg every 1 min
~1 msg every 10 sec
~1 msg every 1 sec
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Retention period (months) (includes fast access to stored data, statistics, and aggregations)3631
Number of devicesUnlimitedUnlimited
(10 trial devices free)
(5 trial devices free)
(1 trial device free)
Price per device per monthFREE$0.75$2$6
Common Questions
Can I try ARTIK Cloud for free?

Yes, absolutely! You can get started for FREE with our Hobbyist plan. The Hobbyist plan allows you to connect unlimited devices and includes 3 months of data retention. If you need a higher message quota, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Pricing example 1

10 smart light switches send a message every 10 minutes to ARTIK Cloud; each message triggers actions on 5 other devices

Recommended plan: Hobbyist.

Monthly cost: $0 (Includes 3 month retention and fast access to normalized data, and actions triggered on other devices)

Pricing example 2

1 motion sensor sends an 800 byte message every minute to ARTIK Cloud. An existing rule triggers an action on another device every 10 min.

Recommended plan: Startup.

Monthly cost: $0.75 per device (Includes 6 month retention, fast access to normalized data, and actions triggered on other devices)

Pricing example 3

A personal monitoring medical device sends data to ARTIK Cloud every second (3M messages a month)

Recommended plan: Growth

Monthly cost: $6 per device (Includes 1 month retention and fast access to normalized data, and assumes 1 trial device included in plan used for testing)

Do I have to sign a contract for the paid plans?

No. Simply provide your credit card and start using the paid plans. You can cancel anytime.

If I select a paid plan, will my credit card be charged right away?

Your credit card will be charged only if there are more devices connected than the number of trial devices allowed by the plan. For example, the Startup plan allows 10 trial devices. Your credit card will not be charged unless there are 11 or more connected devices.

When will my credit card be charged?

The billing cycle starts when you pick a paid plan. You will then be billed once a month on that day. When the invoice is generated at the beginning of the next billing cycle, your credit card will be charged for for the total number of devices connected at that time plus any prorated amounts for devices that were added or removed

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Is there a limit on how many devices can be connected?

We do not place any limits on the number of devices connected.

Is there a limit on the message size?

The maximum message size is 1024 bytes.

What happens if I exceed the message quota?

Messages sent after the daily quota is reached are rejected. We recommend you select a plan that meets your message volume limits.

What is included in the device message quota?

Messages sent from device to cloud count toward the daily message quota. Actions sent and/or received by a device don’t count towards the daily quota. For example, if a device sends 1 message to ARTIK Cloud which triggers a rule that sends actions to 5 other devices, only the message from the device to the cloud will count towards

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How is data retention calculated?

Data retention signifies how long a message is stored in ARTIK Cloud. The expiration date of a message is decided at the time it is created. The expiration date never changes, even if the plan associated with the device type changes. Messages are deleted after the retention period. This impacts both messages sent and actions received by the device.