Samsung ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform designed to connect all devices. SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud provides developers easy to use open APIs and powerful tools to collect, store, and act on any data from any device or cloud service. Using these APIs and tools, you can quickly bring new IoT apps to market, tap into new revenue streams, and grow your business.
Connect everything
At the heart of ARTIK Cloud is an architecture that lets you securely connect your devices to other devices, even those from 3rd parties, and to cloud services, independent of the underlying radio or wireless protocols. Easily share data between devices and cloud (two way communication) using multiple protocols, including REST/HTTP, websockets, MQTT, and CoAP. Connect to any cloud service and collect data from it. Collect discrete, continuous, real time or historical data – regardless of source. Describe your devices, even those currently under development, and rapidly onboard them using device manifests – a universal language to describe device states and actions. Keep your devices private or make them publicly discoverable. Manage most manifests with self-service UI or write code for advanced manifests.

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Develop faster
Increase developer productivity with easy to use, open APIs to ingest and query data, and powerful tools to visualize and act on heterogeneous data from a wide variety of devices and cloud services. Empower developers with an API-first architecture and easy access to our self-service developer portal, rich API documentation, samples, blog, forums, API console, and much more. Gain fast access to stored data, statistics, and aggregations with multiple backends to store, replicate, and index messages and metadata. Reduce latency with an enterprise grade cloud infrastructure.

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Secure every interaction
Securely connect devices to the cloud using TLS, secure element, and certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority. Secure every device, app, and user interaction with open Internet standards based authentication and authorization. Rely on built-in identity and permissions management to keep your products and your customers’ data safe.

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Bring new revenue
ARTIK Cloud opens the way to new business models and revenue streams. Combine and analyze datasets to bring new value to your products and data. Easily trigger cross-device and cross-service actions and alerts with our powerful built-in rules engine. Visualize data from many different devices in context. Use this flexibility to build partnerships that might have otherwise been impractical; gain insights into product usage that were previously out of reach; and optimize your business in ways unimaginable before.

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