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By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
The first widespread Open Source Hardware platform. Arduino, the first widespread Open Source Hardware platform, was launched in 2005 to simplify the process of electronic prototyping. It enables everyday people with little or no technical background to build interactive products. The Arduino ecosystem is a combination of three different elements, including a small electronic board ...

Medium One

By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
Analytics to drive business and enhance the customer experience. Medium One allows companies to derive business value from the Internet of Things (IoT) by analyzing their data in real-time and delivering intelligent insights. We provide an easy-to-use IoT analytics and processing platform for business analysts and developers. Our simple drag-and-drop workflow builder with rich analytics ...


By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
Your technology stack for connected devices and the Internet of Things. Temboo is your technology stack for connected devices and the Internet of Things. Generate production-ready code for robust IoT applications in minutes, complete with application logic, sensor data streaming, and more. Develop and run applications on our enterprise-standard platform that brings together APIs, programming ...

Ubuntu by Canonical

By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
Snappy Ubuntu Core: Ubuntu for the Internet of Things Ubuntu Core, is a stripped down version of Ubuntu, designed to run securely on autonomous machines, devices and any internet-connected things. An open source Operating System for IOT, Ubuntu Core offers unique features such as: separation of OS and application files to securely add multiple apps ...


By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security is a critical attribute for IoT devices. Samsung adds hardware-based security into every module and extends its capabilities by working with industry leading security partners. The Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) platform provides a secure base for device integrity, authentication, authorization, and privacy protection. Today it protects over 70 enterprise ...


By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
Global cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things. SIGFOX is the first and only company providing global cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things. The company’s network complements existing high-bandwidth systems by providing economical, energy-efficient two-way transmission of small quantities of data, thus lowering barriers to wide implementation of IoT and M2M solutions, and greatly ...


By ARTIK Admin March 27, 2016
Smart Home. Intelligent Living. SmartThings is the easiest way to turn a home into a smart home, bringing users peace of mind, savings, and convenience. As an open platform with a thriving ecosystem, SmartThings brings users freedom of choice in devices and limitless possibilities. ARTIK along with SmartThings Open Cloud, a new open software and ...

By Lydia Ping May 31, 2016
Modern development and deployment workflow for the Internet of Things For an IoT project to be successful, software matters. In development, the ability to quickly iterate will determine your time to market and in production, the experience of your customers is defined by the ongoing quality of your code. makes it easy to build, ...


By Lydia Ping January 18, 2017
Infiniflux: Innovative DBMS for IoT Gateways InfiniFlux is a database management system (DBMS) provider which specializes in processing IoT and Sensor data in real-time for IoT Gateway. In the era of IoT and BigData world, it became essential to process and analyze IoT data in high speed. Optimized for characteristics of IoT data, InfiniFlux provides ...


By Lydia Ping January 20, 2017
Reekoh is an open integration platform designed for organizations building IoT products, services and offerings. Through Reekoh’s platform and framework, users can connect and integrate device data to the largest collection of enterprise platforms, services and tools available in the IoT market. As an integration and enablement platform for IoT businesses and solution providers, Reekoh opens up ...
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